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★Notice and Disclaimer★

Please read the following notice and disclaimer regarding participation in the tour.                                                   Rivised:2017/06/12

□  Guides are volunteers. They may not necessarily have expert knowledge on the tourist spots you are visiting.

□  All tours are free of charge; however, participants are responsible for all personal expenses, including transportation and entrance fees. (No charge or tip for the tour guide is needed.)

□  Every tour course is a walking tour.  Please inform in advance if you are pregnant or not feeling well.  Participation for the tour should be decided at your own responsibility.  Should you feel unwell in any way during the tour, please inform to the tour guide immediately.

□  Please ensure that you return to Narita Airport two hours before your next departure.  Traffic conditions, tour conditions, weather, and unexpected problems may cause delays in returning to the airport.  We shall not be held responsible for passengers who miss their connecting flights.  Please remember that it is the responsibility of each participant to return to the airport in time for their flights.

□  You are free to do shopping during guided tours.  However, please be mindful of the restrictions on liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) of over 100 ml in content to be brought in your hand luggage on board aircraft, and taking agricultural produce into another country may also be restricted.  Be sure to keep these things in mind when making purchases, as you are responsible for all purchased items.  Weight limits for items that can be carried with you onto the aircraft may differ from airline to airline.  A large amount of excess baggage charge may be levied when the weight limit is exceeded, so make sure to check with your airline for details.

□  Please follow the instructions of the guide during the tour.

□  If you become separated from the guide during the tour, please check the information map and return to the airport reception desk by the scheduled time.  Those who have means to contact the reception desk should let them know as soon as possible.

□  No matter how late the departure time is, all guided tours must return by 2PM at the latest.

□ You can participate in one free guided tour per day.

□ If you have departure flight on that day,please ensure that you return to Narita Airport two hours before your departure.

□ Due to limited number of volunteer guides available, please understand that there is a possibility to going the tour with other participants.

□ If you have luggage, please store them in a coin-operated locker or a luggage storage counter at your expense. 

□ Regardless of your reservation, we may not be able to hold the tour by the bad weather.

□ All tours are free of charge. There is the possibility of the absence of volunteer guides. You can take part in the self tour in this case.

□ Depending on the passport or the types of visa, you may not be able to enter Japan, in that case, please understand to give up participation. You will need to go through immigration and customs on your own. We are not responsible for this process.

□  Please note that the pictures were taken during the tour may be used for our Facebook or promotion activities. If you can not agree, please let us know.

 □ Personal customer information will only be used for the tour.